Autologous Stem Cell Therapy facts:

The word Autologous means derived from recipient receiving graft.

A stem cell is an unspecified cell that can both self-renew (reproduce itself) and differentiate into mature cells/tissues such as collagen, skin, cartilage, heart, lung, and pancreas.

Stem cells can be collected from peripheral blood or bone marrow.

Peripheral Blood stem cells are easier and less painful to collect than Bone Marrow stem cells.

Peripheral Blood collection also yields more stem cells than bone marrow collection.

What Patients Have to Say

Dr. Chein has turned back the hands of time for me!
I was 54 years old and had the hands of a 70-year-old woman.
I was holding up fairly well with the rest of my body, but my hands gave away my age.
I had read about stem cell rejuvenation of the hands and Dr. Chein and decided to get a consultation. He explained the procedure to me in layman’s terms and made me feel comfortable about the process.
When I went in for the procedure, his staff was excellent. Dr. Chein explained everything to me during the procedure, which was very comforting.

Now, I am not ashamed of my hands. Everyone tells me I have beautiful hands! My family was amazed by the before-and-after pictures. I can’t thank Dr. Chein enough for the outstanding work he did. I am very pleased with the results.

Allison Drew

Attorney At Law

Dear Dr. Chein,

Thank you for the tremendous stem cell surgery you did on my left rotator cuff. 2 months after the stem cells I was without pain and 6 months after I had regained full use of my arm and shoulder. All of this without doing rehab. My other shoulder required months of rehab. Thank you.

Sally Fischer

Dear Dr. Chein,

The results of the stem cell are amazing. People comment that I am 15 years younger than my age. The look is so natural no one has even asked if I had work done. I get comments like you look younger every time I see you! Your staff and office were so professional and have answered all my questions. The recovery time was just a day or two with minimum swelling that no one noticed. I feel like I had a face lift.

Thank you again for being progressive and skillful in the technology of the future.

C. E.

My face looks wonderful! It’s been only 3 months and I see dramatic changes in my face already. The lines in my face seemed to have disappeared and everyone has commented on how great my face looks! I used to have pre-cancerous skin and when I went to see my doctor he told me it is GONE! I am not sure if stem cell helped cure it but I know I have not done anything to my face other than stem cell. I have notice more fullness and feel more collagen in my face. Thank you Dr. Chein!


Dear Dr. Chein,

The very best news is that even though I have not told any of my friends about my Stem Cell Treatment, during these last few weeks, several of them commented something like, “You must be resting well lately – you are looking younger these days.” Next time, I will confess and share my secret with them.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my family doctor for a routine bi-yearly checkup, and instead of my regular blood pressure of 145-155 over 80, it was 138 over 75.

My weight has gone down from my usual approx.125 pounds down to 121 without any effort on my part to lose weight. Overall, my appetite has been very good, but no matter how much I eat, I don’t seem to put on any weight. My metabolism somehow must have changed for the better.



Stem Cell for Hair Growth:

There is noticeable improvement on the top, back part of my head. Generally, I think the hair has grown more dense and stronger.


On Meniscus Tear Repair by Stem Cell:

“I felt immediate results. One week after the stem cell treatment on April 28th, I found myself lifting my left foot rather than sliding it when I walked. Progress continued at a slow pace for the next three months. At month four, the healing really speeded up. Improvement is continuing to this date( 8 months post transplant) . At present, I can walk a mile, but with some fatigue. I can walk up and down stairs (seven-inch rise steps) in a normal manner. However, I will use a handrail when going down. I can also walk up a slope on a lawn in a normal manner. In general, things have continued to improve. To sum it up, the knee is much better, however, it’s not really fully healed.”

Mr. T.A.

June 26, 2015

Dr. Chein, I want to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. My knee is feeling tremendous. I appreciate you so much. You are a brilliant doctor and a true gift to the whole world. I want everyone to know about Dr. Chein and why they should stay clear of their physician.

Dr. Michael Chitwood