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Autologous Stem Cell Therapy facts:

The word Autologous means derived from recipient receiving graft.

A stem cell is an unspecified cell that can both self-renew (reproduce itself) and differentiate into mature cells/tissues such as collagen, skin, cartilage, heart, lung, and pancreas.

Stem cells can be collected from adipose tissue, peripheral blood or bone marrow.

The combination of adipose tissue and peripheral blood stem cells yield more stem cells than bone marrow collection alone.


Kilian Before & After Stemlogix Stem Cell Therapy:

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Different Techniques of Facial Rejuvenation:
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Stem Cell Therapies:
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(Some of these procedures are in the experimental stage and are not the present standard of care, but all of these procedures are established under Federal Rules 21 CFR 1271.15 (b) and the California B&P Code section 2053.5.). This Institute does NOT use collagenase.